How to Get Ripped Body in 30 Days - Fastest Methods to Gain Muscle Mass

Weight Lifting- Lifting weights has two major effects One And Done Workout Review on obtaining a six pack. The first effect is that weight lifting keeps your metabolism burning at an increased weight for an extended period of time. The second effect is that lifting weights releases hormones in your body that help target body fat. Compound exercises recruiting more than one muscle at a time indirectly cause your body to release more of the hormones you want to burn body fat.

Find what is working for you- All people respond slightly differently to different exercises. Write down your routine in a notebook to help keep track of what has and has not been working for you. Be sure to keep track of your diet as well and modify it as needed. If body fat isn't coming off as fast as you'd like, try performing more cardiovascular exercise and reducing your calorie intake. Keeping track of your routines and diet will help you figure out the best way to burn body fat for your body.

Push ups are a great exercise, but you have to be inventive at times to increase the intensity of the exercise. Another variation of the classic push up is known as the walking push up. This exercise can be very difficult and you will find it works most, if not all, of your body at once.

If you have wooden floors, grab an old towel. If you have carpet, get a piece of cardboard approximately one foot square. Assume the standard push up position and place your feet on the towel or cardboard. Walk with your hands four steps forward. You will notice that your core and legs must really engage to move forward. This also really works your shoulders. Make sure your shoulders, butt and feet stay in a straight line. Keeping good form in this exercise will help you reap the most benefits.
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