If they of servers back cause Darklight has been sososo?

If they of servers back cause Darklight has been sososo? Definitely not. But birds got plenty of wealth reason behind it. I am kinda 50/50 on that one, I would say it should be OSRS gold appraised situation together with the abuse of MXT for countless coin thing that happened? I think that if merit some punishment for abusing something with all the old phat glitch of older. However, the darklight buff? Nah, as was broken, but not to the purpose of gaining hundreds of millions of coins in moments.

That's a part of my frustration frankly and also the source of the article is their refusal to really do anything, especially about lurers and scammers, many of whom blatantly flaunt it in front of even pmods understanding nothing will be done about it, or when anything is done about it, it wont be for so long that they can just RWT or shift all of the riches to numerous alts or a main without repercussion.it technically is, under scamming, the issue is it's really difficult to report due to the dearth of text and use of alts, and the fact 99% of lurers utilize in game bugs to try and get your things makes for some thing jagex usually lets slide until it becomes unavoidable, hell, I could probably record at least 5-10 lurers that are still active in their accounts because they"only do it occasionally".

We have people argue that luring is not scamming since they moved over the wall and clicked into the wildy themselves. Why do they say? Because they do it themselves. People today love money, and they won't admit the only reason you would not want it fix 'd is because you does it and they do it themselves. 1 thing they should defo care is targetted harassment. Tons of people do this and rather than penalizing them and knowing the context they say to put on discount. Unless you discipline them people don't understand or alter. Why do you believe there is anything as people in the world who behave rude yet and do not give a damn we have people who live small lives that are exceptionally kind? Discipline.

Their stance on managing the abusive and toxic community on how to make money on runescape old school top of their inability to develop material that is free is why I didn't renew membership. There is lots of other games out there, just gotta attempt them.I personally play with a lot of Warframe lately myself, sure you receive a few elitist jerks or shifty merchants trying to swindle you for stuff however, on the entire community is a whole lot better, however, what can I say I'm an old dog who cant be taught new tricks at this time so, may too attempt to make matters better?
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